Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally an FO!

Lordy, I've been knitting this thing since Memorial Day. Finally!
My friend Jen kindly modelled it for me, even though it's a little big for her. Still needs blocking. Love the Yarn Lounge button that Stewart helped me pick. Nice finishing touch.

Before the last four days of rain, I took some pics of the dogs in the dead grass in the dusty back yard. Look at Kiwi's figure...Cate, do you think she might be part whippet??

What a nice smile!!
Ginnie Lee decided to be camera shy.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Virginia Beach Conference

The last few days I've been in Virginia Beach for a work conference. I stayed at the Old Cavalier Hotel.
It was built about 80 years ago. They also call it the Cavalier on the Hill. Pretty, huh? There is also a New Cavalier Hotel, which is across the street. Not nearly as pretty, huh?
My old hotel room had many of the original amenities. Including hot and cold water coming out of seperate faucets. Reminded me of an old Fan apartment.
I'm not sure what all those knobs are in the bathroom. Also, this was a strange place for the TP roller...b/c it got wet when I took a shower.

The benefit of the New Cavalier is the view from the hotel....

I am not a beach bum, so I didn't spend any time out on the beach...but it looked nice.
I started out the month right by taking advantage of Get Your Knits on Rt. 64. I went to Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn with my tote bag and did some serious damage. The new yarn will be posted on Ravelry.
As you can see, Ewe Knits has lots of nice ladies.
And plenty of yarn.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New chair, part of a sweater, and a life saved

My friend Barry no longer had need for this chair, so I took it off his hands for a BARGAIN! I know you are thinking...boy, that chair looks comfortable. And you know what? IT IS!!!

new chair new chair with black and tan coonhound in it
Meanwhile, my A Line Jacket is coming along slowly but surely. The color looks bad here...but awesome in real life. I'll upload this image to Ravelry.
The big drama of last week is that Ginnie Lee almost caught this little girl and ended up chasing her up a tree.
I couldn't figure out which of these two pics were cuter, so I posted both of them.
I took the baby to work and one of the law student interns was kind enough to take her home.
Those are Sherando's eyelashes in that pic. She just came to visit for a cuddle.

Tammy the intern named this little girl Cleo. We took her over to Banfield at Petsmart on Midlo and she is negative for all those nasty feline viruses but had a wicked case of earmites. No matter...those are easy to treat.
Thanks, Tammy, for giving little Cleo a new home.
Ginnie Lee, please stop terrorizing neighborhood kittens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girl FIGHT!!

Notice Kiwi's eyes glowing? I told you guys...she's the demon spawn.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today is National Ice Cream Day! Not being one to miss a major holiday, I got plenty stocked up:
And chose this for my tasty treat of the evening:
Kiwi and GL got some ice cream too!

A Good Visit

My friends Eric Miller and Ruoxia Li came to visit this week! They had a conference here in Richmond and stayed over a few days to visit with me.
Eric and I went to University of Pittsburgh together. I was in law school there and Eric was getting his doctorate in Anthropology. After he defended his dissertation, he moved to China where he met Ruoxia. They have relocated to Iowa for now...but are talking about returning to China. I'm so glad we were able to visit!
Lucky for us, we have lovely Maymont Park here in Richmond. Thanks to Melanie for the suggestion.
We popped by the Old Chesterfield County complex where Ruoxia and I tried to put Eric in the stocks.
We also went by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I think most of the exhibits are in hiding right now due to all the renovations, but we saw a few things, including the Faberge collections, which was nice.
Of course, I was most interested in sheep.........and dogs.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Shoes

In Black

And Brown

Meanwhile, I hadn't heard from Kiwi in a while, so I looked outside....apprently she's decided to try to climb trees:

Ginnie Lee says it's too hot for so much activity.