Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally an FO!

Lordy, I've been knitting this thing since Memorial Day. Finally!
My friend Jen kindly modelled it for me, even though it's a little big for her. Still needs blocking. Love the Yarn Lounge button that Stewart helped me pick. Nice finishing touch.

Before the last four days of rain, I took some pics of the dogs in the dead grass in the dusty back yard. Look at Kiwi's figure...Cate, do you think she might be part whippet??

What a nice smile!!
Ginnie Lee decided to be camera shy.


jane said...

I love your new sweater! Jane

lemmie said...

yep! that madeline albright! can you believe it? and i didn't even get my picture taken with her!! what a goof!

Nichole said...

You need to come join Dogs on Thursday!!!